Jaeger J-Band


  • Black is for Youths
  • Red is for Adults
  • Integral part of Arm Care Program
  • Part of he eleven step J-Bands™ exercise routine
  • Aids in Balance and Strength
  • Conditions the rotator cuff & surrounding muscle groups
  • Great for injury prevention and endurance
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Increases Velocity
  • Great Aid for a long lasting career


J-Bands™ are an integral part of our Arm Care Program and a prerequisite to our Throwing Program. The eleven step J-Bands™ exercise routine is designed to balance, strengthen & condition the rotator cuff & surrounding muscle groups. The J-Bands™ exercise routine is crucial for injury prevention, endurance, recovery period and increased velocity. It is an essential workout for any player whose goal is to have a long and healthy career. The J-Bands allow you to perform 11 basic exercises to strengthen and protect the rotator cuff muscle group.

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Jaeger Bands

Youth Black, Adult Red


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