DeMarini Voodoo ONE -11 USA Baseball Bat: WBD2360010


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Play mind games on your opponents and manipulate runs with the powers possessed by the DeMarini Voodoo ONE -11 USA Bat!

Bat Benefits

This Voodoo ONE -11 USA Bat has a straightforward one-piece, all-alloy design. The alloy material that DeMarini uses is specifically the X14 material, which has been precision engineered to help maintain (1) performance, (2) swing speed, and (3) durability. That is a trifecta of awesomeness!

As well, the bat is a drop 11 in its length-to-weight ratio. Drop 11 bats are excellent because a really wide range of ages can use them with success. Additionally, this Voodoo ONE is USA Certified for Little League Play!


This DeMarini bat has been crafted with confidence. And due to that confidence, DeMarini extends a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on it. If you have bought this bat from JustBats and are having issues with it before 12 months have passed from the purchase date, just reach out to our Bat Experts. The Experts will get you the info you need to contact DeMarini and begin the warranty replacement process.

Additional information

Lengths -11

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